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If you landed here, chances are you have begun to ask yourself some tough questions and you are beginning to swim in the chaos that the meditation market is offering. Maybe you have tried with apps, relaxation techniques, crystals, energy healers. You just keep suffering.

In case you had not noticed, life is full of ups and downs. We all experience pain, dissatisfaction, and uncertainty at different times. It's just a part of being alive. In another words, life is seriously not safe and unpredictable.

There are reasons why we suffer. It's not random, even though to the untrained eye it may appear to be so. Things like craving, attachment, and ignorance about the nature of reality contribute to our suffering. Basically, wanting things to be different than they are leads to suffering.

The good news is that suffering can end. It's possible to overcome it by not holding on to those cravings and attachments that cause it. By understanding and accepting reality as it is, we can find peace.

There's a way to achieve this peace, and it's through following the Eightfold Path. This path involves things like having the right understanding, intentions, speech, actions, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration. It's like a roadmap to living a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

Vipassana, clear view, lets us see that life is full of suffering, but there are reasons for it, and we can overcome it by understanding those reasons and following a path that leads to peace and fulfillment. Do you wnat to try and be free or do you just wanna keep stabbing in the dark hoping that the next big thing will fully satisfy you?

I am not the answer, you are, helped by a technique tried and tested  for nearly 2600 years. You don't have to believe me, you just have to start sitting and see for yourself if all this is true. Your practice will always be your best teacher. 

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Mindfulness Coaching both in English & Italian

Fabrizio is interested in supporting the meditation practice of people who already have experience or are just starting on the path of a  discipline that radically changes our existence. Sessions can be held in English or Italian

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Seminars and meditation courses both in English and Italian

To those who have heard about the practice of Vipassana/meditation/mindfulness and want to learn how to practice it
To those who want to work on themselves
To those who intend to learn meditation practices and feel an affinity with Eastern disciplines.
Last but not least, those who are tired of being trapped in old and unsatisfying patterns. Yes, you can change.

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