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Fabrizio Meditation

Individual Sessions - Mindfulness coaching

Individual Sessions - Mindfulness coaching

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You can book a 30-minute learning session to see if this path is right for you.

Call me on +39 371.333.23.53

Individual meetings can be held in my meditation center in Rome - Pigneto or via  zoom 

For members of our Sangha there is a 10% discount on the hourly fee and no one will ever be rejected on economic grounds

Fabrizio Giuliani

Fabrizio is interested in supporting the meditation practice of people who already have experience or are just starting on the path of a  discipline that radically changes our existence.

Many people who start meditating find that the symptoms they wanted to heal actually 'get worse' and they  think that meditation doesn't work or isn't for them. Instead, it's just the opposite. With practice the suffering of being, which we hide with continuous distractions, begins to emerge and show itself, we become aware of it. The aim is not to get rid of these sensations, but to make friends with them. One of the hardest things in the world but also the bravest. 

We spend our lives running away from what we don't like and holding on to what we like. But in reality this is a recipe that ultimately makes us unhappy because, willy-nilly, we have no control over external events. What we love, by its nature not permanent (like everything), is born, lives and dies and leaves us, while what we hate sometimes parks itself in our lives and remains stationary for too long.

The key to peace
Here is the nature of suffering, but here is also the 'cure'. We must and can teach our mind that we can live with everything and that in fact this is the key to peace, to well-being.

Vipassana, insight (clear vision of reality as it really is and not as a mental construction) develops wisdom, not an intellectual wisdom, but an intuitive wisdom that the mind cannot understand at the cognitive level. Books on Buddhism are an invaluable resource but they cannot be a substitute for practical meditation on the pillow and in daily life.

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