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Fabrizio Giuliani





Fabrizio Giuliani has been practicing Vipassana in the Mahasi tradition for more than 25 years and is the founder of Ashoka - Mindfulness Meditation Center in Rome where he continues to teach Vipassana in the Mahasi tradition and Thai forest tradition.

After finishing high school  in Italy he moved to London and then to Australia where he graduated in cultural anthropology at the University of Sydney with a thesis on Shamanism in Colombia.



As soon as he graduated he moved to India to teach English to the community of Tibetan monks and refugees. He lived in Asia for 4 years traveling to Burma, Nepal and Thailand to practice intensively before returning to Australia to continue his practice at the Blue Mountains insight meditation center (Blue Mountains, Sydney).

In 2012 he moved to the USA where he practiced with Vipassana Hawai'i, IMS (Insight Meditation Society) in Massachusetts, Canada and lived for a few months at Robert Aitken's Palolo Zen Center in O'ahu (Hawai'i) . Fabrizio has had the honor and the great fortune of having practiced with exceptional teachers who have dedicated their lives to the Dharma. Lynne Bousfield (Sydney Australia) with whom she teaches Vipassana retreats in Bali and Australia, Steven Smith (Vipassana Hawai'i) Michele McDonald (Vipassan Hawai') Sayadaw Vivekananda (Lumbini, Nepal) Thanissara and Kittisaro (South Africa and California) With whom he continues to practice and has received from them authorization to teach.


He has just completed a course on compassion in the Mahayana and Theravada tradition. He is a qualified MBSR instructor from UCSD (University of California San Diego) His Dharma teaching has a strong practical element based on experience gained on the meditation cushion. His lineage is the Vipassana practice as taught by Mahasi Sayadaw and the Thai forest tradition of Ajan Chah.